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                                                                                            Vladimir Semenskiy                                                                             
Artist Vladimir Semenskiy does large canvas paintings, showing reality as a random sum of spontaneous personal movements. Painting itself is formed of spontaneous bodily movements and presents them as the closest reality and simultaneously the closest secret of which they are born. His painting is corporeal and speaks of the body, which is put together from unpredictable inner movements. It is distinguished by chaotic frankness and eurythmy. It is both intimate and eccentric. It grows out of a runaway and intuitive spirit and speaks of freedom as an indispensable prerequisite for the emergence of man. 
                                                                                                                Sasha Balashov 

       Vladimir Semenskiy was born in 1968 in Imantau village, Kazakhstan. 
       In 1991, he graduated from art school, Krasnotur'insk, Russia. 
       He has studied in Academy of Arts by Ilia Repin in St.Petersburg. 
       Since 2010 he is a member of the Creative Union of Russia.
       Lives and work in Moscow. 
       Since 2008 collaborates with art critic and collector Alexander Balashov.
       Since 2009  artist  of “11.12 Gallery”, Moscow, Russia.
       Since 2010 artist  of “Krokin gallery”, Moscow. Russia. 


          Moscow and Muscovites in the art of XX-XXI centuries ", The Museum of Moscow. Russia.
          CONTEXT  ART NEW YORK, contemporary and modern art fair, 11.12. Gallery, New York, USA 
          “Vladimir Semenskiy. ENSEMBLE OF SPONTANEOUS STATES”, 11.12. Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
         ART MIAMI NEW YORK, contemporary and modern art fair, 11.12. Gallery, New York, USA
          Brewer J.C. Jacobsen's Portrait Award, The Museum of National History,  Denmark.
          "Vladimir Semenskiy .TERMINAL”, Krokin Gallery.  Moscow, Russia. 
          "Vladimir Semenskiy .TERMINAL”, M. Kroshitsky Art Museum, Sevastopol. 
           VIENNAFAIR. International Art Fair ,  Mironova Gallery,  Austria. 
          "Vladimir Semenskiy .EQUIPPED GAMES LANDSCAPESE",  Mironova Gallery. Kiev, Ukraine.. 
          "Vladimir Semenskiy . COVERS”,   11.12. Gallery.  Moscow, Russia. 
          "MIXED MEDIA 2",  11.12. Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
          Library named after N.A. Nekrasov. Moscow, Russia.
         "ONLY ART”. Krokin Gallery. Moscow, Russia. 
         "Vladimir Semenskiy. THE SHORE”.  Krokin Gallery.  Moscow, Russia. 
         "Vladimir Semenskiy. LITORALIS”.  11.12. Gallery. Moscow, Russia. 
         " MIXED MEDIA”.  11.12. Gallery. Moscow, Russia. 
         “ART-MOSCOW the 15-th International Art-Fair”. Krokin Gallery.  Moscow, Russia. 
         "Vladimir Semenskiy. LABYRINTH”.  Metropol Gallery. Moscow, Russia. 
         "WHALES of the SEASON © 7”. Krokin Gallery. Moscow, Russia. 
         "Vladimir Semenskiy. PRIVATE SPACE". Krokin Gallery. Moscow, Russia. 
          4 Sevastopol International Art Festival "War and Peace" Sebastopol.
         “COSMOSCOW”, International Сontemporary Art Fair, "Red October". Krokin Gallery, Moscow, Russia,  
          (in the fair catalog).
         "Vladimir Semenskiy. RELEVANT ANTIQUITIES”. Erarta Galleries of Contemporary Art , 
          Saint Petersburg (catalog)      
          "ART-MOSCOW the 14-th International Art-Fair”. Central House of Artists.  Krokin Gallery, Moscow, Russia,
          (in the fair catalog). 
         "WHALES of the SEASON © 6”. Krokin Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
         "Vladimir Semenskiy. KINDERGARTEN". Krokin Gallery. Moscow, Russia.
         International Festival of Modern Arts “Antiquity and Avant-garde”.  Sevastopol, Ukraine. 

2015  “Vladimir Semenskiy”  book, TATLIN publishers. Russia
2015 Knowingly MASTERPIECE” , collection of interviews of artists gallery, Krokin Gallery. Second edition. TATLIN.
2014  "Vladimir Semenskiy . PRIVATE SPACE  ". TATLIN NEWS Magazine, Russia. 
2104  "Habitat”  Russian reporter Magazine, Russia.
2013  “Knowingly MASTERPIECE” , collection of interviews of artists gallery, Krokin Gallery. TATLIN publishers.
2013  “ Winzavod Аrt Review”, on the cover.         
2012  " People of the Fiolent ".  SEASONS Magazine, Russia. 
2010  "Vladimir Semenskiy . New painting-from the traditions of the school to innovate ideas”,  
          Antique Review Magazine. Russia. 
2010  "Vladimir Semenskiy. RELEVANT ANTIQUITIES”. Catalog. Erarta Galleries of Contemporary Art . Russia.
2010  Pushkin Magazine, on the cover.  Moscow .
2010  "Vladimir Semenskiy. Painting”, book. RECENT HISTORY OF ART. , Publishing Group Agey Tomesh. Russia.
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