Vladimir Semenskiy.  ENSEMBLE OFSPONTANEOUS STATES. 11.12 Gallery. Moscow. 2016
The notion of a gesture implies different meanings: from the method of communication and contact to the aesthetic idea. Vladimir Semenskiy finds his own conception about it, researching the way of transformation of abstract motions into emotional image - the sigh of a human.
The presence of a recognizable gesture is part of deliberate choice, assembled from the unstable movements of the inner world. Eurhythmics, designated by the artist on the picture, becomes the form of the image, dictates its structure, thereby giving the material and encouraging the artist to find new signs for his pictures.
In addition to traditional paintings there are the graphic materials as studies and sketches at the exhibition that help to understand the steps and direction of the search necessary states and gestures.
Vladimir Semenskiy’s painting is about us: in his paintings the viewer can recognize not only his friends and acquaintances, but also himself. The artist converses with the audience and tells people not only about his works, but also about them by the language of modern painting.

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