Series ofpaintings called “Littoral” by Vladimir Semenskiy reechoes with the other parallel cycles of canvases the artist was occupied with during the previous year –“The Eclipse”. There was a time when the Earth was perceived as the reflectionof the heaven; today the universe and celestial mirror human conscious.
The exhibition is named “Bereg” (Shore). All the works displayed in the gallerywere in fact created on a sea shore. And it’s not only an actual Black seashore or Indian Ocean shore, but it’s also a metaphor of the end of grounds andthe end of commonness, realization and feeling the edge of the environment.
Vladimir Semenskiy  talks of the end of the world as a lifestyle of the whole human kindthus the beginning of a new era and power; not exactly touching the topic ofeschatology rather then being devoted to the fact that culture has came to anend of a certain pathway that took much time for people to pass.
Painting again and again reminds us that the art is capable of talking abouthurt and responsibility –wich is crucial to be understood.

Sasha Balashov

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